Dale Preece-Kelly

Critterish Allsorts, is the result of a primary school teacher’s idea and my passion for anything exotic. After visiting my son’s school for a “Show & Tell” day, his teacher recognised my potential for teaching and put forward the suggestion. 7 hours later Critterish Allsorts was GO!!

Since that beginning in August 2010, Critterish Allsorts has grown into a professional organisation, which aims to surpass its major competitors – in the fields of education, events, parties, and especially pet therapy

In 2012 Critterish Allsorts won 2 contracts with a major chain of privately run psychiatric hospitals to provide animal assisted therapy, and now we are working with them to develop a blueprint for animal assisted therapy for use within mental health throughout the UK.

Our future couldn’t be brighter, and we are looking at expanding to fulfil the needs of potential customers throughout the WHOLE of the UK!!