Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops (from £350)

With around 20 years of management experience within the manufacturing industry and sales – from profile cutting, metals stock holding and extrusions to working with all of the major automotive companies (including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, VW) – Dale Preece-Kelly (owner of Critterish Allsorts) has the ability to develop and deliver corporate workshops with a unique flavour to them. Our corporate workshops involve ANIMALS – experiential interaction with exotic critters which is guaranteed to leave your delegates (from directors to shop floor employees) not only with a smile on their face, and a memory of what they have learnt during the workshop, but also refreshed and thoroughly motivated to perform to the best of their ability. Here are some of the corporate workshops we can offer you (if it is not here then contact us and we will create a workshop to suit your exact requirements – our other workshops are also suitable for use within a corporate environment) :

  • “Critter Talk”

Promoting Communication Skills. The workshop covers listening skills ; using your voice to the best advantage ; improving communication within the workplace ; body language ; and more – ideal for managers, team leaders and team members

  • “Critter Pitch Delivery”

Promoting Presentation Skills. The workshop covers essential skills when presenting ; use of body language ; clarity & passion ; expressing yourself with confidence ; engagement of audience ; and more – ideal for directors, managers, sales teams and team leaders

  • “Bugs & Hugs”

Promoting Team Building & Teamwork. The workshop covers interpersonal skills ; allowing contributions from each member of the team ; exploring comfort zones ; active co-operation ; having confidence and trust in each other ; inter team motivation ; and more – ideal for all teams, management teams ~ production teams ~ multi functional teams

  • “Build A Critter”

A very successful Team Building workshop, “Build A Critter” puts delegates and team members into a creative frame of mind. Using real animals as models, the delegates are given just paper, paper clips and rubber bands to work with and have to make a fully operational model of the animal in question. This can then be used as a team mascot, giving every team within the organisation an animal team mascot.

  • “Critter Gold”

This is more of a REWARD than a workshop! What does Lord Sugar do when a team performs well ? He rewards them with a team activity. These activities build teams in terms of bonding, personality acceptance, confidence and are motivational – without the Team Members being fully aware of this. They are also perfect for getting the most from other teams wishing to achieve “Critter Gold”!! This reward system is therefore motivational for the ENTIRE organisation! What better reward than the reward of an exotic animal experience!! This is a half day activity that culminates in the presentation of a team Certificate of Crittership.

  • “Hypno-Critter Magic”

In a traditional stage hypnotist / close up illusionist style, we bring animals to your employees. This Team Building and Morale Boosting workshop will test the trust and bravery of your employees, and is great for team development, or inter team competition. Help to develop the team culture within your organisation, with this fun, exciting and memorable workshop

We are currently also developing workshops in positivity & positive thinking and inspiring to achieve (2 things Dale has recently become EXPERT in) – if either of these workshop subjects appeal to you, then please contact us for progress on their development

Unless otherwise specified – all delegates receive a certificate of attendance for their workshop and workshops cater for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 delegates

Please contact us for a quote for your corporate workshop – please also bear in mind that there is a 40p per mile fuel surcharge after 30 miles each way