If we do not have a workshop that meets with your EXACT requirements, then we will create a workshop to suit you! Due to the nature of our workshops we have to limit attendance to 25-30 people per workshop.

We currently have 8 workshops available to book – please also see our Corporate Workshops page  :


Critterish Collaborators promotes teamwork, citizenship, great morale, acceptance of the opinions of others, respect, and thought, at the same time as teaching about the animal’s origin, habitats, diet, life span, and other elements. It can be used in school, corporate or social surroundings and context.

How it works : The group is split into several teams (can be multi functional). Team members work together to discover specifics about each animal and then present their findings to the assembled people. Each team presents in turn and are awarded points for their findings. All of the animals hold bonus points, and the winning team are rewarded with a certificate for each team member. Not only great fun, but rewarding too!!

Duration : This workshop takes about 2 hours and takes in 8 critters of YOUR choice.

Price : £275 – plus fuel surcharge of 40p per mile if over 30 miles from base



Create-A-Critter promotes creativity and thought at the same time as teaching about the animals and how they have best adapted for their survival in their habitat.

How it works : Delegates are given a blank piece of paper, and create a fantasy creature from parts of the critters presented that best adapt them for survival. They come up with a fantasy name for their creation. The best Create-A-Critter is awarded a certificate.

Duration : This workshop takes up to 2 hours and takes around 8 critters of YOUR choice

Price : £275 – plus fuel surcharge of 40p per mile if over 30 miles from base


Recently developed on behalf of a local primary school, to cover their “Magic Carpet Ride” topic – “Magic Critter Ride. . . ” takes you on a Critterish journey around the world. Flying on our magic carpet, we will visit countries and continents, and look at the diverse wildlife and how it has adapted to the differing climate, terrain, habitat and in some cases man’s intrusion on those things. (Suitable for Year 1 upwards)

Take a "Magic Critter Ride" With Us
Take a “Magic Critter Ride” With Us

How It Works : Here is the template – as we talk about the animals and travel the world, our magical Critter ride will see us drop a letter off in each of the boxes (maybe with a drawing), signifying the animal we have just seen. By the end of our journey, we will have seen a selection of animals that spell out the word “CRITTERS”. The pupils will then draw their favourite animal in the centre, adding their reason and then colouring in their carpet.

The top 3 “carpets” will be awarded a prize and certificate for their efforts. The whole class’s submissions can then be mounted on the classroom wall to make a colourful and interesting display of the term topic!!

Duration : This workshop takes up to 2 hours and takes in 8 critters

Price : £275 – plus fuel surcharge of 40p per mile if over 30 miles from base

We also have other workshops developed specifically for prisons and rehabilitation, including “Environmentalist”, “Rescued”, “The Five Freedoms” & “Murder at Critterish Manor”. If we have not got a workshop that suits your needs, then we can develop one specifically for you!