Other Services

Our other services include phobia release, after dinner speaking (with or without our animals), and animals for every other thing possible. Take a look below at what we can offer you.

The Costa Rica Experience (from £150)

A guided pictorial talk about the rainforest, in particular my experience of the bio diverse rainforests of Costa Rica, their culture and their uniqueness. There are a number of different talks that can be given covering :

  • Facts, figures, culture, biodiversity – combining photographs, video footage and live animals found in Costa Rica (2 hours) ; or
  • Biodiversity – combining photographs, video footage and live animals found in Costa Rica (90 minutes) ; or
  • Either of the above without the live animal element (60-90 minutes)

All of the above are suitable for schools, youth groups, brownies, scouts, cadets, nature groups, lifestyle groups (such as Womens Institute), common interest groups and after dinner engagements

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After Dinner Speaking (from £150)

Need an after dinner speaker with a unique twist ? Then look no further! We can bring animals to amaze your guests and tell them all about our amazing critters ; talk about our business and how it all began and has progressed into becoming a very successful organisation ; talk about some of our experiences whilst looking after between 60 and a hundred (at one time) beautiful animals ; talk about our experiences with animals on our journeys around the world ; Dale can even come and speak about his life so far – especially the last 10 years which have been really colourful, from losing everything to getting back on top. Please contact us for further information

Phobia Release & The Critterish Allsorts Experience (from £150)

This is the ideal package, for those with a phobia of animals. We can come to you for up to 90 minutes, to help you conquer your phobia of a particular critter. Although we offer no guarantees, we are confident that we can help you take steps towards conquering your phobia, if not conquering it altogether (may take multiple sessions).

Starting with just being in the company of the object of your fear, to petting, and then holding one of our beautiful animals – it will all show that animals are not threatening and should not be feared. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you can get from conquering a fear – its immense, I did it with bees and wasps!

If you want a different experience then please enquire and we will do our best to tailor something JUST for you.

Prices : £150 for a one hour session (please contact us for prices for longer sessions) you get one on one time with the animal and a handler. This is an ideal gift for somebody’s birthday, or just a gift for yourself, to help you overcome that fear – we have a proven track record of curing people’s phobias of animals, especially spiders and snakes. You receive a Certificate of Bravery, showing everybody that you can officially do it!

Corporate, Promotions and Other Occasions (Prices on app)

Critterish Allsorts are the perfect compliment for every occasion. No matter what it is you are doing, we can make your event even more enjoyable and can tailor our display to suit EXACTLY what you want.

You may require some animals for your corporate event (we do team building exercises, WORKSHOPS and demonstrations with our animals), or for your promotional event (we have worked with corporations, major restaurant chains and cinemas to promote animal themed movies).

Whatever you need, whatever the event, then give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We can guarantee to give your visitors a thrilling and unique presentation that will keep them talking for many many weeks and leave lasting memories. Please call for prices.

TV, Film & Theatre

With around 10 years experience in front of the cameras and live audiences, we can provide animals that will make a difference to your production – whether its a commercial, a West End play, children’s show, TV series, nature programme or major motion picture. All of our animals are well handled, friendly, confident and comfortable being around strangers, and will therefore be easy to work with on set.

Prices on application – shows we have worked on include “House of Anubis” (Nickelodeon worldwide) ; “Whistle Down The Wind ” (Stage production) ; “Annie” (Stage production)


Need animals for your photographic assignment ? Our animals have been on major fashion shoots with experienced (even famous) photographers, and really enjoy being photographed! Whether its a fashion shoot, promotional shoot, product promotion, billboard, magazine or newspaper advert our animals will make your day so much easier! We have animals of almost every specie, and with new critters arriving regularly our list will grow – and if we don’t have the animal you need then we know somebody who does!!

Prices on application

Didn’t find what you were looking for in our “Other Services” ? Contact us, and if we can do it, we will !!