Critterish Allsorts Providing Animals For Events :

Apologies, but we no longer attend birthday parties, christenings or other family events. Thank you for your understanding.

Open Days, Fun Days, Fetes and Fairs (from £375)

Fancy a Critterish Allsorts Static Display at your school’s or organisation’s summer fete or fair, or a fundraising event? We will bring along a selection of animals, to help your event be that little bit different. We find that a timetable of presentations works best, so that your visitors get the most from our attendance.

Prices – we will charge a fee for the event, depending on the amount of time you want us for (our standard charge is £375 for a half day event or £600 for a full day). With your direction, we will charge your visitors for the privilege of holding a critter, and all of the money we raise on the day is yours. We will even do critter presentations at your event in a separate room or arena – or why not try one of our WORKSHOPS ?

“Whatever the event, Critterish Allsorts will leave your guests or visitors with lasting smiles and memories to treasure!”