Our educational presentations are sponsored by “A is for Animania” and its Author / Illustrator Corrina Hollyoake – read about our partnership here :

A is for Animania Sponsors Critterish Allsorts

New For 2015 School Year – From September 2015 . . . .

The Rainforest Experience (from £150)

A guided pictorial talk about the rainforest, in particular my own personal experience of the bio diverse rainforests of Costa Rica, their culture and their uniqueness. There are a number of different talks that can be given to all age ranges of children from 7 upwards covering :

  • Facts, figures, culture, biodiversity – combining photographs, video footage and live animals found in Costa Rica (2 hours) ; or
  • Biodiversity – combining photographs, video footage and live animals found in Costa Rica (90 minutes) ; or
  • Either of the above without the live animal element (60-90 minutes)

All of the above are suitable for schools (both primary and secondary), colleges & universities, youth groups, brownies, scouts, cadets, nature groups, lifestyle groups (such as Womens Institute), common interest groups and after dinner engagements

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Schools / Nurseries / Montessori / Other Establishments (from £150)

Invite Critterish Allsorts to spend the day at your school – be it secondary school, primary school, nursery, pre-school, toddlers group or special needs, we have something for you all. For education in animals, continents, habitats and more – a unique experiential, engaging, enjoyable and (very importantly) memorable way to connect children to nature in a world with a nature defecit!

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You can book us for 1 lesson, half a day or a full day of education, it’s entirely up to you. We can present to classes in classrooms or the whole school in the hall. We can also fit around your school timetable or devise one with you. Its all in your hands. And the critters will be in the hands of your pupils! Please also see our WORKSHOPS for examples of what we can do for you and your pupils.

We will bring your requested animals, or a selection of animals (if you have not specified) and give presentations based around your specific requirements – we tailor our presentations to suit you, giving us the ability to cover any AND every subject using our animals. The animals will then be taken back to their well maintained enclosures.

Teaching about the animals, their welfare and conservation, we will need at least one teacher present at all times, to ensure the children behave well and are kept quiet (so as not to scare the critters we bring with us). Other than that our visit will run smoothly and is guaranteed to be educational, entertaining and pleasurable!

Prices range from £150 for a one hour lesson to £600 for a full day (6 x 1 hour presentations). There is a surcharge of 40p per mile after 30 miles, if bookings are over 30 miles away from base.

Inter Continent Inter-Media Educational Visits (via Skype or Google Hangout) (from £150)

Following our first successful transatlantic Inter-Media visit to an Elementary School in

Greene Elementary School, Texas 24.10.14
Greene Elementary School, Texas 24.10.14

Texas, U.S.A. we are proud to be the first UK company to offer this service. If you have a subject you want to cover, and you can’t find an animal experience company to cover it, then we would be proud to visit you via our web cam link and teach your students about the animals in the world around them.

Whether its minibeasts or rainforests,  deserts or mammals, we will join you via an Inter-Media link and share our animals with you to teach the subject to your students with real live animals. We can even do one of our Workshops with your students. Time difference is not an issue

Critterish Allsorts LIVE in a Texas classroom
Critterish Allsorts LIVE in a Texas classroom

Here is what Hall Elementary School in Texas said about their visit (subject was “The Role Of Animals in Society” : “Thank you is such a small word but I truly do mean it. You were incredible with the kids today. They are so excited and as they were going back to their classes, they were talking about you and your critters. I am so excited that it went well and I know that the connection with the therapy animals will stay with the kids for a long time”

PTFA Fundraisers (from £150) (Also suitable for Cubs/Beavers etc)

A great idea to raise funds for your school or club. Book us to come along to the school in the evening, and give an entertaining and educational interactive animal presentation to pupils and parents, with you charging for tickets and keeping all profits – you can even add a cake sale or burgers and hot dogs, to raise further funds.How it works : you book us, and then advertise your event with a letter going home with all pupils. Parents buy tickets for each member of the family and all of your profits are cash raised for the school.

Critters = Smiles !!In a 90 minute interactive presentation (£225), we bring along 8 animals and present each of them in turn, giving attendees the opportunity to talk about, stroke and hold the animals. After 45-50 minutes we take a 15 minute refreshment break, and finish with a further 30 minute presentation.

Westlands Primary PTFA booked us, and charged £2.50 per ticket – the event was massively over subscribed, with over 156 people wanting to attend the initial event, with 100 places available. A second event was booked and sold out within 24 hours – 31 of those attending the first event, bought tickets for the second event!! The PTFA made a total of £500, giving a PROFIT of £160 for their funds.

Cubs / Beavers / Brownies / Rainbows (from £150)

Fancy a special event for one of your group’s meetings ? Need to get the troops through one of their animal badges ? Why not ask Critterish Allsorts to provide that event for you ? Whether you are doing a Wildlife, Animal Care or Pet badge or just want to treat the group to something special, we can give you just what they need.

We will come along to your meeting and show you our critters – either your choice or our selection. This will make a meeting to remember ~ being informative, educational, and pleasurable. You may wish to include one of our WORKSHOPS in your group’s meeting.

Prices : £150 for a one hour session. There is a surcharge of 40p per mile after 30 miles, if bookings are over 30 miles away from base.