Oreo, Cookie & Nutz

Breed : Skinny Pig

Habitat : Indoors : “Fancy” Breed – they are a critter bred purely for the pet trade (originally for labs to test cosmetics on)

Date of Birth : 11th April 2023

Likes : Kale, hearing the fridge door open, squeaking and rattling their ears – they are also partial to a tickle

Dislikes : The cold, loud noises, having no food to eat


Skinny pigs were initially created in laboratories for use to test cosmetics for skin reaction. Since the majority of this has stopped, they have become firm favourites in the pet market and are certainly a sensory experience, and a great therapy animal.

These were initially added to the team to help with the children at our baby hospice, many of whom are visually impaired, but are suitable to work with all clients. They are also particularly good for those with fur allergies.







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