CritterBoxTV is our online TV Show – aimed at families, kids and adults alike, it hopes to give an entertaining and informative insight into the world of Critterish Allsorts.

The show went live at 4pm on Sunday 15th July 2012, on YouTube, and links to the episodes will be posted here – a new episode will be broadcast every Sunday between 4pm & 6.30pm.

Filming CritterBoxTV with InkSpot Media

With episodes giving a tour of Critterish Manor, featuring Stoosh the Skunk,¬†and “A Visit To The Vets” already already broadcast, we have many exciting plans for future episodes. CritterBoxTV is also getting great feedback and critique, with families making it a regular Sunday evening “must see”. Future episodes will feature other critters at the Manor and subjects like “Choosing Your First Pet Reptile”.

The show is interactive and viewers are encouraged to comment, asking questions and requesting subjects that they would like to see in future episodes. The feedback of viewers is helping us to improve what we do.

Produced in partnership with InkSpot Media Video Productions, we hope the show will prove popular and become as watched as CBBC’s “Deadly 60”!!! Help us to make that dream a reality!

“The Ball Pit Special” – Stoosh & Jeli playing in the ball pit

CritterBoxTV – in the press !! See the report here

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