Animal Reiki


Karen is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist, passionate about restoring trust, peace and wellbeing to the lives of animals.

She uses a combination of the gentle ancient technique of Reiki and The Trust Technique, to help bring calm and emotional healing to those who need her help. Specialising in Equine Reiki, Karen works with horses and donkeys at sanctuaries to help restore their inner peace and heal their issues, bringing seemingly unhandlable animals to a point where they are calm enough to take her gentle healing energy and can then be given the attention and love that they require to become happy sanctuary residents.

Karen on a visit to one of the sanctuaries. She can be contacted via her website

Karen doesn’t just work in the equine field though! Oh no! In addition to working with humans, dogs and cats, she has also worked with some of our critters! Most notably Sebastian, our chinchilla and Kyuss our corn snake and we think that Karen’s work fits well with our ethos here at Critterish Allsorts. Let me tell you a little about what I have witnessed of Karen Peters Animal Reiki Healing.


Karen visited Critterish Allsorts, as I was interested to find out more about her work. As I introduced all of the animals, she made contact with them all, in her own unique way. The animals all seemed calm around her.

When Karen met Sebastian, the chinchilla obviously felt something of a strong connection, energetically. He sat perfectly still and began to absorb Karen’s Reiki healing, of his own accord. As only an energy healer will know, there is a perceptible shift in energy (healers experience this in different forms – for Karen it was a tingling) when an energy transfer is taking place and Karen felt this happening as Sebastian sat with her. Sebastian was not offered the energy, though it was given freely, he TOOK it of his own accord and it is something that we both noticed immediately.

Sebastian has no health issues, but obviously felt like he needed to take some of Karen’s gentle, positive healing energy, in order to improve his wellbeing. Although he is a very happy, confident, friendly and grounded animal, he does visit some places with us where some of the energies are not all positive and this seemed to be his way of “recharging” his batteries.


Kyuss is one of our oldest corn snakes, at around 14/15 years old and had recently suffered a seizure, which left him incapacitated for around an hour. There is very little known about seizures in reptiles and, unlike in most animals, it cannot be medicated. The general option therefore is to recommend putting the animal to sleep. At Critterish Allsorts, we prefer not to give up on animals where we believe they can be helped.

Kyuss made a full recovery after his first seizure, but sadly suffered a second 14 days later. Again he has made a full recovery and is exhibiting perfectly normal snake behaviours and passing the neurological tests that we are using to ensure that his brain is working well, as well as having a perfectly normal pulse rate.

Inbetween the seizures, Kyuss had shed his skin, perfectly normally. After the second seizure, Karen began sending him Animal Reiki Healing remotely (this is to say that, she was not with the snake but at her home, with a photograph of him, sending the energy in a different way) – Karen has done this before with pet rats and it worked just as well in this way. A few days later, it was “feeding day” and I was worried that, given his recent episodes, Kyuss would not feed, so I was very happy to return to his enclosure a few minutes after presenting the prey item, to find the prey almost gone. Whilst it is still early days (time of writing April 5th 2019), Karen Peters’ Animal Reiki seems to be having a positive effect on our much loved corn snake!

If you would like to find out more about Karen Peters Animal Reiki then you can contact her via :

Website : Karen Peters Reiki


Facebook : Karen Peters – Reiki Healing for Humans and Animals

Please do not contact us about Animal Reiki sessions. Thankyou