Breed : North American Skunk

Habitat : Forest borders ; brushy areas ; grassy fields

Date of Birth : 8th May 2013

Passed Away : 23rd September 2019 (Broken Heart – caused by Stoosh passing away)

Likes : Snoozing ; Soft Boiled Egg ; Getting Up To Mischief ; Cuddles (Lots of them)

Dislikes : Loud Noises ; Broccoli ;


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2 thoughts on “Skittles

  1. Hello me and my husband have just bought a skunk, 14 months old. The issue we have is that she is VERY timid and always tries to hide around the house. We do not have an issue with the hiding but would like her to eventually come for cuddles. She eats out of our hands- mealworms being her favourite, and lets us stroke her whilst she is sleeping. We feel that she may have been unintentionally neglected by her previous owner who, after Daisy spraying the family dog, put her in in a cage in the garden shed! Do you think that she will learn to trust her loving new owners? She knows what no means when she goes to bite me lol- even though she got me three times on separate occasions, I NEVER shout at her because I know that this is stereotypical behaviour of a neglected animal. She’s a smart girl and I am hoping that if we keep being persistant in telling her she is a good girl and getting her to come for treats, that she may, in the future, come to love us. Please let me know what you think and whether my skunk psychology theories are correct lol. Thank you for reading, Lizzie x

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